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Cooling Collars

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                                                             Cooling Collars

Our handcrafted Cooling Collars are just the ticket on those long hot summer days we all enjoy.  

Being outside with our pets is a big part of being a pet parent; keep yourself & your pup cooler 

and more comfortable with a Cooling Collar!

   With a Cooling Collar from Doggie Tech Annex, the adventures with your pet will be cooler 

& more fun! Each Cooling Collar has been handcrafted with a selection of adorable cotton fabrics

 & micro beads. Simply soak your Cooling Collar in a bowl of cold water, blot excess water with a

 towel & keep chilled in your refrigerator & be cooler! { Complete detailed instructions are included

 with each collar ordered}

            Caution: for young children & dogs of any age, please use under direct supervision. Remove 

immediately after use. Do not them to bite, lick, or suck on the Cooling Collar. Discard if  ‘gel’ 

begins to seep out.

            The Doggie Tech Annex Cooling Collars are currently available in (while supplies last):

                                 Lab Puppy Print:   14”, 18”, 20”,24”,28”,30”

                                  Delightful Children Print:  16”, 28”, 40”

                                  Small Apple Print: 20”, 32”, 38”, 40”

                                   Large Apple Print:  34”

              Each Cooling Collar is being offered at $4.00 each for 25” and under; $6:00 each for over 25”.

          Please contact us at doggietechannex@cox.net   or 760-798-0012 to place an order or for any questions.

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