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Life Stress Scan

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More Than an Allergy Test

This is the original hair and saliva testing method for
 identifying imbalances and finding solutions to help 
your pet. The Healthy Dog and Cat Life Stress Scan 
is a non-invasive method for finding food and 
environmental sensitivities and triggers that may be 
causing allergy-type reactions in your pet.

Common sensitivities include:

Airborne allergens like pollen, mold, and dust.
Insect allergies, most often fleas or ticks.
Contact allergies such as pesticides, herbicides, 
or household cleaners Food allergies, with 
symptoms ranging from mild itching to severe 
skin rashes.
In rare cases, your pet might actually be allergic 
to one of these, but most often they are actually
 intolerances or sensitivities, rather than true
 allergies.The most common “allergy” symptoms
 include incessant itching and scratching, chronic
 ear infections, watery eyes, licking or chewing 
the paws, scooting their behinds on the ground, 
and a yeasty or “corn chip” odor.  If your pet 
exhibits any of these behaviors, the Life Stress 
Scan can help you get to the root of the problem.

About our Life Stress Scan

This is an alternative testing method and should
 not be compared to blood testing or serum testing
 for allergies. We do not use this assessment to 
measure IgE and IgG antibodies.  We include 
suggestions for holistic and herbal remedies to
 help eliminate these underlying stressors and 
strengthen the immune system. This scan helps 
eliminate all the guessing so you can choose the
 most appropriate food and supplements for your 

What's included in the Kit:
  •   Sample sheet of assessed items that may be affecting your pet
  •              (200+ Food and 100+ Environmental triggers)  
  • Information Sheet (Must accompany the pet’s samples when sent)

  •  Small Comb

  •  3 Organic Cotton Swabs

  •  Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and Saliva samples)

  •  Return Envelope

  • When purchased through DoggieTechAnnex, Our 
  • personal review of your results to help you better 
  • understand or interpret results and also make 
  • recommendations on dietary changes.

We are not Veterinarians!  We do not claim to diagnose,
prescribe or treat any illness or disease by using our 
natural herbal products.If you have concerns about 
your pet's health, please consult your holistic veterinarian.

Life Stress Scan 

(Price includes Personalized Review of scan  Results)

                                                                   $98.95 (includes Free shipping)