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Comfort Corner


                     Welcome to Comfort Corner!  Comfort Corner has been ‘in the making’ for a very long time 

           & we are so excited to have you visit us here in this very special section of our Doggie Tech Annex 


                 Doggie Tech Annex has always been & will always remain a safe, informative place for pet

           parents to come to with questions, problems, information about their pet’s nutritional health and well

           being. Our first priority is excellence in nutrition for your dogs and cats, which is why we only choose 

           to sell Canine Caviar. 

              When we began getting calls from pet parents from all over concerned about the 

           condition of their pet’s health, lack of energy, losing fur, scratching & chewing, just to name a few 

           symptoms, even though they had bought premium, expensive dog food we felt a call to action was 

           needed, our help came in the form of Glacier Peak Holistic a wonderful company located in Montana. 

           With their Sensitivity Assessment and supportive herbal remedies, many pups have been put on the 

           track to better health.

     And now we are proud to offer Doggie Tech Annex very own Comfort Corner! We feel this to

be a natural transition to continue with the love & care we feel towards all of the amazing pets

we serve; each item is as unique as your pet, handcrafted with love from our home to yours. 

Unless otherwise stated each item is a one of a kind, on several items you will see an invitation 

for a special order at an additional cost. We would appreciate feedback on the items we are 

currently offering and would love suggestions for any items you may want to see displayed 

in our Comfort Corner section.

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