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hector  web site.jpg

Welcome to Doggie Tech Annex!

 We are a natural choice for the Holistic 
~ to treat the body from within ~
 pet products your family desires.
 We are dedicated to the health and vitality you 
provide to your pets through excellent nutrition:

               ~ A holistic pet food is one that supports your pets'
                  health on all levels by using high quality ingredients
                         and proper formulation to ensure that optimal amounts
 of nutrition are being achieved.
                          ~ We have learned that Holistic health is an ongoing process.
           it is based on the law of nature that a whole
 is made up of independent parts.

                         ~ So what should a Holistic diet consist of? 
            Here are a few of the hallmarks of a Holistic diet:

                       - a Holistic diet looks to address every health issue 
                      your pet faces from the inside out
                         - a Holistic diet should settle digestive upsets, reduce
 scratching, and hotspots
                            - quality animal based protein sources that are steroid, 
antibiotic, and hormone free 
                           - contain probiotics and prebiotics to support intestinal
            health and aid with digestion 
   - quality fats and oils (cold processed)
 - many ingredients are human grade
         - natural preservatives such as Vitamin E
                      - the diet should be free of added colors or flavors
                                  - and last but not least: rely on your good common sense, 
safety is a concern for all of us

 Our small family business was born out of our love of animals,
 especially a sweet, beautiful canine, named Hector.
 You see, after 11 ½ years of puppy fun, training, trials, playing,
 eating (not always food items!),we lost our sweet boy
 ~ just as we were beginning our journey as the new
 Doggie Tech Annex family. Hector taught us so much, 
not just about dogs, but life in general.

 Some of his tips: 

 ~ have fun, play hard, sleep well
                   ~ unconditional love and adoration is yours
~ if it hurts, make it better now
                            ~ food is life, food is love, food is so important!

 To say that Hector was food motivated is putting it mildly; 
he loved to eat, always. And since our pets depend on
 us to take care of all their needs we must do the very best
 we can by them. We look forward to helping all 
of you do the best for your own pets.

 Doggie Tech Annex provides: 

                                              ~ wonderful, Holistic pet food and products
~ competitive pricing 
                            ~ quality products delivered to your
                           San Diego North County
                               home or workplace FREE *

 In honor of our sweet boy we are dedicating ourselves
 and are committed to making this wonderful Holistic
 lifestyle available to you for your own ‘sweet’ pets;
 our promise to you when you join our 
Doggie Tech Annex family! Thoughtfully, 
from our family to yours,
 may all of your special family pets enjoy a
 long, healthy, happy, Holistic life.

 Your Doggie Tech Annex family,

 Paul, Gayle & Jason 

 *see our delivery policy